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Herbalife’s Impressive Growth

Herbalife Nutrition Ltd has been on a rising trend and is the preference for most entrepreneurs who want to invest in the health industry. The company has had a 68.7% surge on its stock compared to a decline of 0.1% decline in the industry. This is an indication that Herbalife is on the right track towards becoming one of the most sought-after companies in the health and nutrition industry.

Will this growth trend continue in 2019?

Prominent investors have put their money on the stock of Herbalife because there are enough reasons that indicate that the company will continue to fight for its market space in 2019. Calculations done by experts show that HLF will be among the 30 most popular stocks by the end of its 2019 financial year if it remains consistent in delivering as per the customers’ expectations. Currently, the company is in position 38 as per the hedge funds’ portfolio. This is not bad for HLF given that it entered the health industry not so long ago. Herbalife’s volume in important markets has improved significantly, and this has boosted its global presence. However, of worry are the currency fluctuations that have been witnessed over the recent years.

HLF’s Volume Growth Model

In recent years Herbalife Nutrition has witnessed a steady volume growth. For instance in 2018 during the third quarter, the volume points shot up to 15%. This marked the highest year-on-year volume points that the company had witnessed since 2012. Furthermore, the volume growth indicated that HLF has the potential of achieving even more if its funds are channelled onto the right projects. The model that is used by HLF is results-oriented, and it has led to the massive growth that the company has witnessed.

HLF’s Global Presence

HLF boasts of an extensive product portfolio that includes energy, weight management, sports and fitness products. The company seeks to expand its routes to different parts of the globe. Recently, the company introduced more than 58 products, across 51 countries which are evenly spread across the world.

If Herbalife continues with this strategic growth strategy, then it can sustain a strong bull-run that it has witnessed before.


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