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Heavy Metal Dreams: The Early Years of Cassio Audi and His Music

When they hear the name Cassio Audi, many people’s thoughts immediately go to Audi’s reputation as an international financial genius, financial planning, and project management, among other operations in the world of Brazilian and global finance. They think of the world of business and finance, not the world of music. But if the early dreams of Cassio Audi had been fully actualized, his name may well conjure up images of the music world’s greatest heavy metal drummer.

Cassio was born in Brazil, and when he was around 18, he embarked on a musical career in his home country during the 1980’s as a drummer with the metal band Viper. This group of musicians in the band modeled their band after the style and the musical choices of the famous British band Iron Maiden. Cassio and his band were strongly influenced by the styles of Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray.

“Theater of Fate,” an album which employed a full orchestra, was released in 1989 and was probably the most famous Viper album. What stands out about the work on this particular album is that Cassio and the other musicians made sure that the album was a nice cross or fusion of heavy metal and classical music. One song on the album is based on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” When asked what his favorite song on the album was, Cassio chose a track called “Living for the Night.”

Cassio’s tenure in the band lasted from about 1985 to 1989. At one point, his band Viper was more popular in Japan than the epic grunge band Nirvana. Life and business ventures were in his future, but drumming and music had laid a foundation of discipline in one’s craft and creativity that would pay off for Cassio Audi in future years and ventures.

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