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Heather Parry is a Talent You Cannot Ignore

Heather Parry is the president of Live Nation Productions, a company whose foundation has been promoting the Live Entertainment Industry. Under her leadership, Live Nation is now bringing together music and cinema on award winning projects such as the story of the Eagles Death Metal return to Paris, the Netflix movie Gaga: Five Foot Two, and the Puff Daddy documentary Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.

Parry is known for dealing with controversial topics and for adding unconventional spins to stories. For example, after her involvement with the film Believer, it turned from a simple story about Dan Reynolds (lead singer for Imagine Dragons) growing up as a Mormon to a story about how his beliefs forced his church to reconsider their LGBTQ stance.

Once she becomes excited about a project, Parry pursues it until successful completion. When she heard about the remake of A Star is Born, she contacted Blair Rich, Warner Productions worldwide marketing president, to show him how she could use the many assets of Live Nation to expand the films global audience. She installed movie posters at Live Nation concert venues, ran trailers and videos at concert intermissions, and placed ads on sites where fans purchased Gaga concert tickets.

Her efforts raised the profile of A Star is Born to unimagined heights and she approaches each project with the same intensity. Always willing to work and take chances she is confident and assertive in her approach. She believes that if she cannot pitch a project in 30 seconds, then it is not worth the effort. Live Nation has multiple projects in the pipeline that are each designed to go beyond the artist’s music to communicate their true personality. There is no mistaking Parry’s personality. She is a talent who simply will not be ignored.

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