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HBO to rollout Standalone service in April

HBO apparently is planning to roll out its new standalone service in April. This service has been dreamed about by for years and recently it has become a reality. The service is being rolled out in April in order to come out at the same time as Game of Thrones.

Originally it was thought that this service would look exactly like HBO Go, but it is now appearing that it will look somewhat different. BRL Trust employees can’t wait to see the final product. HBO has hired MLB advanced to help develop the project. This happened because they realized they were in over their heads.

This leaves the future of HBO Go in murky waters. Will HBO Go be kept on for another year or will HBO get rid of the service and replace it. Either way it appears the HBO is making the smart move by using Game of Thrones to remind everyone why they need HBO in their life. Almost everyone will at least consider this new subscription service when it rolls out in April.

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