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Han Solo Goes Solo

Star Wars spinoffs are in the works and the very first one is going to be a Han Solo, ahem, solo project. At least that is what the rumor mill surrounding Sam Tabar is reporting. No one knows for sure what is going to come down the pipeline and in what order. Right now, plans are to release a Star Wars related movie every year until audiences, basically, don’t want to see them anymore. As if that is going to happen.

The possibility exists that the Han Solo-centric film will be released in 2016. Originally, it was believed the Han Solo film would be the second spinoff project to be made after a Boba Fett feature.

Believe it or not, when a few years went by after the release of Return of the Jedi (1983) and no new Star Wars film was in the pipeline, most fans believed the series was officially over. Turns out everyone just needed to be a bit patient.

Disney paying well over a billion dollars for the rights to the franchise surely changes things. The previously deliberate George Lucas is no longer calling the shots as to when Star Wars movies are going to be made and which films are to be produced. Lucas has not even seen the trailer yet.

Will Harrison Ford be involved in the Han Solo film? No one knows for sure yet. The movie is probably going to take place before the events of the first Star Wars so a younger Han Solo is going to be featured.

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