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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode Helped Save a Mom with Breast Cancer

Israeli Sarit Fishbaine is a fan of the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy”. InterviewMagazine reports she is also crediting an episode of the show with possibly saving her life.

According to the story on The Huffington Post, a few years ago Sarit had noticed that she had some lumps in her breast tissue. She had her doctor perform a check-up, however he said that it was probably milk gathering in pockets since she was breast feeding her baby at that time. The doctor told her that once she stopped breast feeding the lumps would go away. However, six months after she stopped breast feeding, Sarit noticed the lumps were still present.

It just so happened that around that time the 34-year-old mother caught an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” that featured a woman with her exact story. The young woman in the episode went to the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital to have a mastectomy after her breast cancer was misdiagnosed as milk pockets from breast feeding. This episode prompted Sarit to get a second opinion.

The second opinion found that Sarit did in fact have breast cancer. At this diagnosis she had stage 3 breast cancer that was spreading to her lymph nodes. She was put on chemo immediately where she underwent a six month treatment. She also underwent a mastectomy and is is remission for the cancer.

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