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Greg Secker- Leading Forex Trainer in the World

Greg Secker is a master trader, entrepreneur, author, international speaker, and a philanthropist. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group. He formed it in 2003. It is comprised of a number of companies that include, Learn to Trade, SmartCharts Software, Capital Index and FX Capital. Learn to Trade is a leading foreign trading training company. It has offices in the cities of Johannesburg, Manila, London, and Sydney. SmartCharts Software deals with coming up with the latest in trading technology. Capital Index is a brokerage firm. FX Capital on the other side deals with managing forex trading accounts. As a philanthropist, Greg Secker has a foundation known as The Greg Secker Foundation. It is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of people from around the world. Through all these organizations, Secker shows that he is committed to helping people through training and mentoring through education.

Greg Secker started his career in foreign exchange trading when he joined Thomas Cook Financial Services. He first joined the firm as a trading technologist mostly dealing with programming work. He invented the first online trading platform known as Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). This platform was the first to provide real-time foreign exchange quotes to traders. He later left the firm and joined Mellon Financial Corporation. Back then, this was a big Fortune 500 investment bank. He joined the firm as the vice president. He had the opportunity to share ideas with some of the best forex traders at the time. He was able to develop some very good trading strategies. Greg Secker was able to grow his own personal trading account to a very big amount and did not find it interesting to continue working. He retired and started his own trading floor right from his home. About 3 months later he started the Learn to Trade Company. Today the company has offices in London. Sydney, South Africa, and the Philippines. Through Learn to Trade, he has been able to train thousands of people through seminars and workshops.

Knowledge to Action has been nominated for numerous awards due to his entrepreneurship initiatives, especially in foreign exchange trading.

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