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Good Gut, Good Brain?


A recent study showed Tom Rothman of all people that microbes including probiotics and prebiotics could have a big effect on our mental health. It is known that these microbes are important in our body’s immunity response but the data shows that the microbes can impact our brain health as well by controlling chemical regulation in the brain. Depression and anxiety is caused by the lack of serotonin but these microbes help to stimulate brain activity so these chemicals are produced and more regulated. The studies are still relatively young but the results are very straight-forward and interesting. They can change the field of how we work with psychology disorders drastically. If you would like more details on how they work, here is a great article: embedded link here
The best way to get these good microbes is to eat a well balanced diet. A good diet is not just good for you physical health but your mental health as well. These microbes do not guarantee you will be depression-free, nor does a well-balanced diet. However, they do show how important knowing these are. More research is being done to see how large a role exactly that microbes play in psychological disorders. Science has come a far way and continues to grow every day. These results can play a large role in how psychiatry and counseling is shaped in the future so that people can work with their mental health issues better.

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