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“Glen Wakeman, The Best Of The Best”

How many people can say they are an entrepreneur, business executive, writer, investor, and mentor? These are standalone positions, but for a person to hold all these titles is amazing. Glen Wakeman, CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, has held every one of these positions boldly. Through hard work and determination, Glen Wakeman has done the unthinkable time and time again making a name for himself while increasing his value every step of the way.

Glen Wakeman is a highly successful Financial Services Executive, Public Company CEO, Board Member, Small Business Owner, Executive Mentor, and Investor. He has a 21-year management background at GE in business development and P&L roles ( Mr. Wakeman’s educational background consists of an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance and an MBA at the University of Chicago. When he graduated from the University of Chicago he found his niche in P & L while working for GE Capital. Glen Wakeman’s philosophy of problem solving caused him to be able to increase his role at GE Money Latin America as its CEO.

One of Glen Wakeman’s interests involved him resurrecting dead businesses. Not only did he write articles about it, but he also put action to the words and resurrected DFC located in Puerto Rico. DFC was an ineffective, non-compliant bank holding company, but Mr. Wakeman turned it into a $2.7 billion independent US operation “streamlined community bank”. The outcome of Mr. Wakeman’s putting action to his words was him being recognized nationally as an entrepreneur and mentor. He also received awards on a local, national, and international level. Other companies have gathered success through the guidance of Glen Wakeman.

Glen Wakeman stands behind the ideas of the importance of curiosity, knowledge of global markets, and making the most of ideas. These ideas are the only way of achieving long-term success according to Mr. Wakeman. Once you get these basics down and understand them you can move on to bringing your business ideas to life. One cannot forget, however; you cannot bring your business to life if you do not have the money to match the ideas. Mr. Wakeman found this to be one of the main causes of failed start-ups. The response to this was the creation of his successful company, Launchpad Holdings. The company uses a simple software platform that adheres to just about any budget. You then use the software to build your company.


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