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Get to Know BRL Trust, a Global Investment Giant

Prior to the opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup between the national football teams of Brazil and Croatia, the legendary Itaquerao stadium in Sao Paulo had been under the management and control of the famed Corinthians club. Months before the opening match, however, the concession of this historic stadium was turned over to BRL Trust, a renowned name in global investments.


That BRL Trust was entrusted to oversee the financial matters of preparing the Itaquerao for the momentous opening match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is a testament to the firm’s standing in its own country and around the world. Since 2005, BRL Trust has been engaged in the several fields of finance, including: capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, investment funds management, and trust services.


Aside from having been financially responsible in completing the construction of a football stadium that has become one of the most iconic around the world, BRL Trust is also known as a giant in the world of investment banking in Brazil and around the world. As of early 2015, the Net Asset Value (NAV) of more than 18.25 Brazilian reais (R$).


In terms of asset management services, BRL Trust has increased NAV from around R$2.4 billion to more than R$18 billion. In doing so, the company has managed to constantly earn top rankings from ANBIMA, the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association.


As a 21st century financial firm, BRL Trust strongly believes in the principles of globalization and free trade. To this effect, one of the firm’s strong suits is in asset underwriting for companies and individuals who wish to establish a business presence in Brazil. This service includes the basics such as legal registration and due diligence, and it continues with raising capital, issuing securities, structuring deals, preparing debt instruments, and setting up accounting systems for receivables and expenditures.

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