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George Soros Collapse Interview

With all of the talk of the coming collapse of the EU, The New York Review of Books has published a revised interview with George Soros. Among the topics that George Soros has talked about in the interview was the collapse and Angela Merkel bringing in the refugees. One thing that he admitted to was being critical of Angela Merkel and her methods of being a politician. However, he has found himself to be rather impressed with her response to the attack of the Ukrane by Vladimir Putin. She has resisted the aggression of the Russians and won a little bit of George Soros.

George Soros has also noticed the potential of the migration crises to bring the European Union to a destruction in many stages. She has decided to change the public perception. George does note that the plan did not go through the proper preparation. As a result, the crisis is still a big issue to deal with. She is also facing a lot of criticism in regards to her decisions and her leadership by people of her own party let alone everyone else.

One thing that was also talked about in regards to Angela’s leadership was that she used to be very cautious. Her acts were always deliberate as well. People have trusted her as a result. When it came to migration issues, she has took an instinctual and impulsive response which has been noticeably different from her usual methods of handling issues. However, George sees that as a good thing. George Soros also knew that Merkel was correct in the foreseeing of the effect that the migration crisis could have on the European Union. He knows that the union is in need of being fixed up, and the damage inflicted on the union is irreversible. George also notes that the Germans have achieved the position of hegemony but in a rather cheap way. Germany is not only responsible for its own well being but the well being of others that it is trying to protect.

One thing George Soros still criticizes Angela on is her leadership when it came to the euro crisis in 2008 due to her unwillingness to allow the European banking system to be rescued due to her worries about the disapproval of the public in Germany. She had listened to the opinion of the public instead of taking the time to give them a new perspective. According to George Soros, this has resulted in the coming crash of the European Union.

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