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Genucel & Chamonix Help Raise Esteem Among Abuse Victims

Abuse can have an awful lot of consequences, but not all of them are physical; while the physical symptoms may fade, it’s the mental ones that live on. These can include the likes of self-harm and a low self-esteem. It’s this lack of self-confidence that can have the biggest impact of them all, often helping to further the cycle of self-harm.

This is why many abuse survivors, and doctors, have recommended some different self-care routines. While many are different, they do share one thing in common: self-affirmations. These are small times when abuse survivors remind themselves that they’re good people, that they’re worthy and that they’re loved and beautiful.



These positive comments, while they may not be initially effective, have been shown to counteract the negativity that can build up from abusive relationships. One of the groups that know an awful lot about this is Women Aware, who is based in Middlesex, New Jersey. The non-profit has helped many women and men come out from abusive relationships and rebuild themselves positively. They help to uncoil the lies that may have accumulated during an abusive relationship and let them re-create themselves.


They’d also deal with abuse victims more than most; New Jersey has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the country. According to some reports, an incident of domestic violence happens almost every 7 minutes. Now Genucel by Chamonix has thrown their support behind Women Aware. Not only have they contributed by donating beauty bags – bags filled with toiletries and other Genucel products – but they’re also giving financially.


Last year, the Moving Beyond Abuse 5K Race & Charity Walk was unveiled. One of the leading financial donors was Genucel, and the proceeds went to groups such as Women Aware. Not only does this allow funding for Women Aware to continue their work, but the race itself can be a benefit for those who do it. It’s been noted that walking, or running, is a form of antioxidant therapy which can help many abuse survivors.


The walks themselves also offer a support mechanism for abuse survivors, where they can talk with and get to know other survivors. Genucel’s beauty bags have also proven to be beneficial for many survivors; the anti-aging products help them look and feel better as their self-esteem begins to come back. Domestic abuse can age somebody drastically, and reducing unwanted wrinkles and dark circles can sometimes make all the difference. Learn more about Genucel on



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