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Fury Road’ Director Already Has Script For ‘Mad Max: The Wasteland’ Sequel

Mad Max: Fury Road opened to great success over the weekend, despite or maybe because of controversy over remarks made by a MRA blogger who railed against Charlize Theron’s role in the action filled Warner Brother helmed instalment in the Australian film series. So much so that George Miller, director and co-writer of the film says he already has a script for a sequel to the movie. Nothing else is known about the movie, including whether or not Charlize Theron will be returning.

Fury Road received nearly unanimous praise from critics and audiences alike, which is no small feat for any movie, particularly one a reboot of a classic series. In recent years the FreedomPop review says fans and critics have either universally panned (Indiana Jones), or have been divided (Star Trek, Star Wars), series that have rebooted so long after the original movies were made. But Fury Road managed to capture the universal critical acclaim that most movie makers merely dream of.

One of the big draws of the movie, besides the sci-fi and action sequences, and the exploration of a rich dystopian world was the appeal the movie has to feminists. Charlize Theron’s Fiqurosa played one of the largest roles a female action or sci-fi movie has seen, without being a movie specifically about women, and proved that a movie does not have to be about women or specifically made for women in order to have a successful female protagonist.

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