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Felipe Montoro Jens Talks Sanitation Industry And The New Incentives By The Brazilian Government

Felipe Montoro Jens is someone who knows how to run a large engineering company. He heads His company, a company which is known to be one of the most major engineering and construction businesses in Brazil. Jens serves on the board of directors for His company. He was put on the board in 2012. He has been working with the company since a long time and has significantly contributed to its growth and development. He is someone who is extremely dedicated to the field of and to his business and works extremely hard to ensure that it stays at the top of the industry. He has collaborated with numerous divisions within the company, gaining all the experience he can in the field of engineering and construction. He looks at every interaction that he has as a learning experience which can contribute to his personal growth.


Felipe Montoro Jens is also someone with a key eye for business and the economy and at many occasions pens down his thoughts on the current happenings in the industry. Earlier this year, Felipe Montoro Jens authored an article, talking about how the new concessions put forward by the Brazilian government can benefit the sanitation industry. To boost the Brazilian economy and to make it more inviting for businesses, the government has been proposing numerous incentives, making the climate more hospitable for growing businesses.


In the article, Felipe Montoro Jens went over the policy in detail, talking about how because of most of the sanitation industry is reliant on public funds and state-based organizations, they will benefit the most from these new subsidiaries in place. Since sanitation projects are in high demand throughout the country, the government is also offering incentives to companies who are willing to go to the most remote areas of the country and perform their operations there.

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