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Felipe Montero in His Fight Against Better Sanitation

It is estimated that of the world’s seven billion individuals, those with mobile phones are approximately six billion. However, the number of individuals estimated to have access to latrines or proper sanitation is four billion, meaning that two billion people do not have proper sanitation. Felipe Montoro Jens, in his article in the Terra Magazine, narrates of the governments plan on concessions measures to improve sanitation. He also added that, the government would be partnering with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).


In an interview with the Brazilian president, Edison Carlos pointed out on some points concerning the sanitation concessions. The president said there would be improvements in administration, structural, and resource areas. Edison confirmed that BNDES would be preparing plans to adopt projects that would serve the desired locations. He also pointed out that the main cause of the flow of financial resources from companies in the water sector owned by the state was because of the problem of loss of water.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


There are several people in finance departments across the world. However, only a few have talents in investments and the know-how of running companies effectively. One of the countries in the world with most talented finance specialists is Brazil. There is one person in particular who is a spotlight in the world of finance and investments in Brazil. His name is Felipe Montoro Jens.


Felipe Montoro is a specialist in finance industry. Under his leadership, Felipe has installed exemplary skills to his employees therefore propelling his company to attaining success over the years. He has proven to his critics and employees his talents and expertise are worth his success. He has gained reputation across the world by spearheading several companies to success such as Braskem S.A and YouTube.

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