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Farewell to Stephen Colbert

Host of Comedy Central’s Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert is moving on. He has been offered a position to replace current host David Letterman on The Late Show and will be taking over for him sometime in 2015. Stephen Colbert has signed on to a 5 year contract to host the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Many stars and well known people like Andrew Heiberger came out for what was the last episode of The Colbert Report to pay their respects and say good bye. Celebrities such as Willie Nelson, Elijah Wood, Jeff Daniels, Big Bird, Cyndi Lauper, James Franco, Bryan Cranston, Michael Stipe, George Lucas and many more bid farewell while Jon Stewart showed up to sing a duet with Stephen Colbert. Even former President Bill Clinton got in on the good byes and in a video of him texting, he was actually Tweeting his farewell to Colbert. On the final episode Stephen Colbert’s sign off was “From eternity, I’m Stephen Colbert”.

Head over to Buzzfeed for pictures and clips of the last episode.

The Colbert Report on Comedy Central has two Peabody Awards and four Emmy’s. While ending the Colbert Report is almost like ending a legacy, he will be a new fresh and fun voice for the Late Show.

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