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Fantastic 4 Trailer to Debut with Kingsman: The Secret Service

Between the rampant fervor over the film’s casting, story, workings with Marvel Comics, and general quagmire over cinematic plans for Fantastic Four, fresh rumors and citations point to a bad path. While have claimed that the film would serve as the second coming of Chronicle, a film that director Trank scored a home run with; the lack of press on the film, completion of production over half a year ago, and rumors of a planned sequel have left more than a few Fox insiders citing the entire film project to be a mess.

Now it seems that reshoots are being called for, and the PR team at Status Labs verified that the reshoots would require 3 or 4 days of photography and that a teaser trailer is planned to release alongside the February 13th release of Kingsman: The Secret Service, if not online the day prior to that film’s release.

The general consensus of Fantastic Four’s plot is that it will involve plain-clothes youths with fantastic powers, although the ever-loving, blue-eyed Thing will utilize computer graphics.

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