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Famous Civil War Historian Michael Zomber Scores Rare Abolitionist Artifact at Auction


Frequent guest arms and armors expert for a variety of popular History Channel series, Michael Zomber has just won a rare treasure of great historical significance at a recent Sotheby’s auction. With an intense passion for all things related to the Civil War era, it seems quite fitting he would be the one to acquire the supposed Bowie knife of John Brown’s attempted assassin. The weapon is said to feature a modern style inscription engraving that claims the knife was taken from John Brown’s would-be killer during the days of slavery and war among the northern and southern states.

John Brown was a well-known radical abolitionist who had a number of both supporters and detractors directly due to his beliefs regarding armed insurrection to rid America of slavery. Because of these radical principles, he was ultimately tried and hanged for crimes against the south. Throughout the Sotheby’s auction, this special knife was detailed as “a remarkable artifact from one of the bloodiest periods in American history.” Along with a beautiful coffin handle and spear-point blade, the Bowie knife offers a nickel handle which is inlaid in mother of pearl.

Michael Zomber describes his latest acquisition further, “This knife is a rare treasure from a period in history I am particularly interested in and passionate about. Brown was a key player in the abolitionist movement, and it is an honor to own a piece of his personal history.” The innate storyteller that he is, it’s really not all that surprising that Michael Zomber has been credited with more than a dozen screenplays and numerous novels. Authoring two historical fiction novels set during the Civil War age alone, (A Son of Kentucky and Sweet Betsy That’s Me), Zomber knows all too well about this very turbulent time in America’s past.

While many poke and prod at Zomber with questions concerning whether or not this latest purchase may be a foreshadowing to an upcoming novel in the works, he refuses to confirm or deny. Michael Zomber will only say, “This knife has definitely caused the creative wheels to turn once again.”  Check out more info on Michael’s acquisition here:  Make sure to follow Michael himself on Facebook.

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