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EOS Lip Balm

When founders of EOS Lip Balm started the company they wanted to shake up the lip balm category. It seemed all the products were uni-sex for men or women. With market research they found these products were used by women primarily as part of their beauty regime.

The company set out to make the product enjoyable for women to use. They created a lip balm shaped like a round orb that comes in many different flavors. They hired a sales rep but had trouble getting into the drugstores and chain. When they met with a woman buyer at Walgreens she loved the product. It began to sell in Walgreens and later sold the company landed accounts with Costco, Walmart and Target.

EOS owners designed their own production company so they could control how the product were made. They had machinery designed for their products and were able to meet demands of new accounts. They targeted women ages 25 to 35 using social media and contacted beauty bloggers. The round colorful container is easy to use and easy to locate in a handbag.

The product is all natural and has outsold traditional lip balm like Chapstick and Burts Bee Balm. It come in many flavors and sells for a reasonable price. Good marketing and market appeal to women have made it a top seller in the lip balm category.

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