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Emily McClure’s Wen by Chaz Experience

At some point, everyone has seen the hair QVC commercial with the woman shaking her bouncy shiny hair, after using a Wen hair product. Emily McClure was one of these people, and she opted to try the hair product on her fine hair. She opted to try the fig version as it promised extra bounce, shine and moisture.

On the first day, she used the recommended amount of WEN Hair, which is ten pumps, to clean her messy, greasy and unruly hair. After washing, massaging and letting it soak for a while, her hair felt like it had more volume. She also noted that no strands were falling out and after blow drying it looked shiny and bouncy.

On the days when she didn’t get to shower, she noticed that her hair was greasy and frizzy. After she used the product, it went back to its shiny, voluminous look. She also tried using the conditioner with her other hair products, like heat protectant and texturizing paste. At the end of the day, her hair maintained its shine and was looking healthy.

She eventually settled into the routine of using the product in the mornings, to avoid waking up with greasy hair. An observation she made was that Wen made her hair soft. Therefore when she curled it, the curls did not last for long.

After a week of using the product, Emily recommends it for people with fine hair. In her words she will use it one days when she craves ‘the extra shine’ .The details of her whole week are available on the bustle and can be accessed using this link:

About Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is a line of hair products that is available online thru It aims to care for hair without using harsh chemicals, while keeping the hair hydrated. The owner and creator Chaz Dean, begun his passion for hair as a photographer. He later enrolled in cosmetology school. Dean owns a salon in Bel air, which offers and serene environment for his Hollywood clientele.


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