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E Cigarette Vapor linked to damaged lungs in mouse test subjects

The controversy over E cigarettes and their link to serious medical conditions has been shown by the Morins to be true in an initial study involving the use of mice as test subjects, according to Science Daily. The use of E cigarettes has been growing at a fast rate in recent years as many believe they are a healthier option over traditional cigarettes, a claim the study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health seems to suggest is false.

A group of mice were initially split into two groups, one was provided with air and the second with E cigarette vapor at a rate close to that of vapor inhalation of an average smoker for a period of two weeks. A further three groups were then formed that allowed the mice to be infected with bacteria thought to assist in the formation of bronchitis and a second group to be infected with a form of influenza. Even in the mice not infected with a secondary disease a small amount of damage to the lungs was seen in just two weeks, those infected with the bacteria or virus were seen to be more susceptible to a medical condition that caused the death of a number of test subjects

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