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Drones Bearing Gifts

Using drones for surveillance is a pretty creepy idea, but especially to people who value their personal privacy. Using drones to bear weapons is a tragic use of modern technology. On the other hand (goes the counterargument), wouldn’t we rather have the ability to pinpoint one specific house to bomb, rather than a whole neighborhood of innocent people?

Much in the news in recent years, the drone debate continues.

Well, now there’s another use for this modern technology, and it’s charitable: drones are being used for environmental repair.

A company called BioCarbon Engineering has started up in England, and its goal is to plant the seeds of the future.

Taking advantage of this complex technology, the general idea is relatively simple. The drones fly just a few feet above the ground and shoot seed pod capsules directly into the soil.

Inside the pods, the tree seeds are already germinated, and they’re protected by a gel rich with nutrients.

Working at a rate of 10 seed pods per second, a few drones can plant tens of thousands of trees every day–and at a significantly lower cost than using conventional tree-planting methods. This makes a lot of financial sense to Bruce Karatz.

It’s well known that current human resource use is unsustainable. One of the frustrations of our modern life is that we destroy about 26 billion trees every year. Now modern technology might be able to help us repair some of the damage we’ve done.

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