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Drew Madden work at Nordic Consulting

Drew Madden joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 and became the company’s president in 2011. He served the company for a period of five years. Prior to this, Madden had gained extensive experience as an epic consultant having worked in healthcare for over ten years. He was a successful IT expert and was dedicated to growing the company to greater heights. This was evident in the contribution he made at the company before his resignation in 2016 to venture into his own consultancy company.

Before joining the company, the profit margins were low as the number of employees. His first task was initiating change by increasing the number of clients and employees. The clients rose from 3to 150 while the employees grew from 10 to 725. This is evident of the amount of effort he put into ensuring the company grew and achieved a high rank among the consulting companies. Madden’s efforts were not limited to expanding the clientele base but also to ensuring growth in profits and reputation. The revenues rose steadily over five years. Nordic acquired top ranking as a famous consulting company and recognized for offering excellent consulting.

Drew Madden was a change leader and possessed great managerial skills. He was able to incorporate his IT expertise with business management in order to transform the company to a world-leading firm. Through his leadership, the company won awards in Epic implementation services in 2012 and 2014. It also received KLAS awards for consistency in consulting services. Drew achieved his greatest success working at Nordic by overseeing the increase in productivity and success of the company’s application. The number of users grew.

Drew Madden initiative to start his own company developed from his immense achievement at Nordic. He had an opportunity to steer it to growth from a small establishment to global player. While many individuals would accept the status quo after joining a new firm, Madden was passionate about making a difference in the areas he worked and improving the overall running of business. Drew Madden has played an important role in the success of Nordic.

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