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Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Expertise In Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod J. Rodrich is one of America’s best plastic surgeons based in Dallas. His footprint in the field of plastic surgery has seen being featured in talk shows including The View, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and Good Morning America. Apart from being a Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Centre, he is also a part of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute as one of the people who established it. Dr. Rohrich has been privileged to serve as the President of The Rhinoplasty Society, and has earned recognition as one of Castle Connolly Top Doctors. This is just to mention but a few of his endless achievements.

Among the services offered in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is Rhinoplasty. This is essentially a surgical procedure that can be defined as nose reshaping. Having been able to teach in this area, Dr. Rod has received international recognition for being a Rhinoplasty specialist. The procedure basically alters the appearance, function, and shape of the nose. The second service offered in the plastic surgery institute is reverse Rhinoplasty which basically corrects Rhinoplasty that had previously given poor results. A revision Rhinoplasty is considered to be by far the most difficult and challenging surgery since Rhinoplasty has already previously been done. Consequently, Dr. Rod has dedicated much of his clinical research in this area.

Another service of in the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute if facelift. This is a procedure that corrects any visible aging features by lifting deeper face layers and filling central cheek space using state of the art personalized lift and fill procedures. The other procedure offered and the artistic skillful hands of Dr. Rod J. Rodrich id breast lift and augmentation. Dr. Rod offers a variety of implant shapes, placements options, and incision locations at the patient’s disposal at the same time giving specialized advice depending on the patient’s needs and situation. The implants available include silicone gel implants and saline implants.

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