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Dr. Mark Holterman: The Growth of His Professional Medical Career

There are many abhorrent articles out there about unethical practices of stem cell research, using embryos that have retained no consent. Fortunately, we still have doctors like Dr. Mark J. Holterman that are attempting to make a difference (Weeklyopinion). In the middle of an environment with doctors who have ignominious medical practices, we have people like Dr. Mark J. Holterman who mirrors the ethical values of a true virtuous medical practitioner. Let’s learn more about Dr. Mark in the article below.


The Researcher and Surgeon

There are many professional labels we can attach to Dr. Mark’s name, but some of them would be: educator, researcher and surgeon. In his busy schedule, he’s still able to play all these roles and at the same time offer philanthropic work for various non-profits, which include the Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children in Vietnam. It is the mission of Dr. Mark to save lives and with his track record of offering his knowledge and expertise to others, it’s not hard to see how he really has dedication in the line of work that he is in.


Personal Background

You must know that Dr. Mark Holterman was raised in Wisconsin, and it’s interesting to note that despite his professional education, his parents both didn’t even go to college and they just sustained their lifestyle through a farm. Despite that, Dr. Mark had been such a wonderful high school student and was even told by his teachers that he had good chances of going to Yale University. As Fate would have it, Dr. Mark ended up in Yale, a school that he greatly respected.

Later on, after graduating college, Mark ended up getting a medical degree at the University of Virginia and it was during that time that he developed his interest for children’s health, so he decided to become a pediatrician. He also later too responsibilities as a medical scientist at the National Institutes of Health.

Truly, the career of Dr. Mark Holterman is something that only a few are able to go through and are able to sustain. There’s so much respect right now for the work that he does and because of that, he’s able to acquire so many responsibilities, especially in the field of regenerative medicine, to push for the changes that he wants.



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