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Dogs Want Healthy And Nutritious Food Too

Any shopper that spends time in a grocery store sees the changes that are taking place. The old food manufacturers that developed a habit of adding sugar and filters to food products are disappearing. The words of the day are “Healthy” and “Organic,” and grocery store chains across the country are listening to those words. Aisle after grocery isle are being taken over by food that is organic or by food that has fewer ingredients that cause health issues. Americans are turning to “gluten-free foods” and Paleo diets to cure what ails them, and health experts say this is only the beginning. The quest to be healthy and to live longer are front and center in the minds of aging baby boomers, but those 60-something consumers aren’t just buying healthy food for themselves. They are buying healthy food for their pets. Pet food manufacturers have finally seen the light. Dogs need the same nutrients that humans need. Dogs need food that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They need food that contains real meat and vegetables without the added filters that create health issues. Dogs deserve to eat like humans and pet companies like Beneful have known that for years. Beneful produces several types of natural dog foods, and they are designed with specific dogs in mind. The experts at Beneful have been studying dog longevity and dog performance by breed based on their food intake for years. Different dog breeds need different food formulas to help them maintain their health and increase their longevity. Beneful food formulas are made in the dry version as well as the moist version. Beneful Originals gives owners the option to buy a beef, chicken, or a salmon meal that is filled with the same vegetables that humans eat and need. Beneful IncrediBites is a dry and a moist product. IncrediBites is designed for small dogs. The IncrediBites formula is a mixture of spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and chicken. The moist formula is made for bigger dogs. The ingredients in the moist formula are peas, carrots, spinach and avocado as well as chicken, beef and fish. Premium dog food is replacing the old throw everything in the can mixture that makes dogs fat, lethargic and prone to disease. Dogs want to be healthy too, but they need help making the right choices.

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