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Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

A while back the news covered a story about what actually goes into ground beef. A substance called, “pink slime” was being added to ground beef to make it stretch further. The general public didn’t know anything was being added to their ground beef. This story has made people question where their food comes from and what is being added to it.

Shrimp is the latest food that is in question. Most of the shrimp we eat in the United States is farm raised. However, it is being incorrectly labeled. A package that you purchase may advertise it is from the “Gulf Coast” when it is not. I’ll definitely be telling Susan about that. This puts a whole new twist to false advertising. Are we expected to go to the “Gulf Coast” to get shrimp from there?

Where is the Food and Drug Administration with this problem? Americans want to know their food is safe to eat.


Brian Jean says:

They want to trust the labels on their food. Lying about where food comes from only creates paranoia about our food sources. There are times in which rushmyessays writing service has done the full review of the food sources at the same time.

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