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Divisions in Congress shown in Climate Change Bill


The major gulfs that exist within the US Congress and the Republican party as a whole have recently been highlighted by the attempts of Democrats and Republicans to compromise in order to raise bipartisan support for specific bills, The Guardian reports. The major problems that face the Republican party as they attempt to elect a President in the 2016 elections have been shown in a climate change bill introduced by Democrats in a bid to embarrass and humiliate their Republican opponents. The Bill itself is a simple one that states climate change is real and humans are responsible for it, the bid for common ground includes the removal of the word significantly from how humans contribute to climate change.

Questions are being raised by Brad Reifler and other members of both parties in the US and particularly within the GOP as the divisions and problems facing the party come closer and closer to the surface. More than half of the Republican party voters are reported to not believe in climate change or evolution and still believe weapons of mass destruction were discovered following the Iraq War. Keeping every area of the electorate happy is seen as a major problem for the Republicans and has been blamed for the ineffectiveness of Congress in recent years.

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