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Director of Mockingjay Declines to Digitally Recreated Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Mockingjay is both the third and fourth installment of the Hunger Games film franchise with the last will to be released in in 2015. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, whom was cast in the film as the enigmatic head game maker Putarch Heavensbee, died shortly before he finished filming all of his scenes for the last two installments. After his death production for the films was abruptly halted but a rumor quickly began to circulate that the actor’s untimely departure would no cause the films to be released at a later date due to the fact that CGI would be used to recreate Hoffman’s unfinished scenes, which was a fear for Rod Rohrich especially.

However, the director of the Mockingjay films, Francis Lawrence, has publically stated, in a interview you can read more into here. that this will no longer be the case. He said quite firmly that he did not wish to employ what he called, “Digital Trickery,” to, “Fake,” Hoffman’s final scenes. Rather, he said, the script has been rewritten with other actors splitting up Plutarch’s dialogues.

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