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Dealing With Back Pain Permanently

I’ve suffered on and off from back pain for the last few decades.  Something that has plagued my will to be active, in the worst possible ways.  But luckily I heard about North American Spine on Twitter.  Now being completely honest, I was still a little skeptical, until I read more about this company.  After I checked them out through several sources, like Wikipedia, I was clear that they’re a pretty trusted resource.

Just check out some of the real reviews from people that have visited the clinic.

Many people today suffer from back and neck pain. There are all kinds of reasons for the pain and sometimes can be very frustrating trying to pinpoint the actual location and reason for the pain. It can be caused from an injury, or degeneration. Some cases may need surgery and some may not, but just because you don’t need surgery doesn’t mean you’re not in pain. So trying to find out what to do can be a little overwhelming. North American Spine wants to help and provide patients with the information they need to make the best decision on what type of treatment that is best suited for their particular case.

North American Spine specializes in minimally invasive spinal care. They take the time to evaluate each patient’s case and find the right treatment that will help them the most. So many patients feel as though they are trapped and stuck with the pain. North American Spine offers a free MRI evaluation and a detailed pain diagnosis where they can identify the exact cause of the pain. Minimally invasive spinal procedures are so much easier on the patient than open back surgery and recover is also a lot quicker.

One particular procedure North American Spine offers is the AccuraScope procedure. This procedure begins with a small incision at the base of the spine. From there the doctor can move along the spine diagnosing and fixing problems as he goes along. This allows the doctors to take care of more than one problem with one procedure.

There are several benefits with a minimally invasive procedure. First of all there is a very small incision. There is very little scarring. There is less pain after the procedure is over and recovery time is short.

People live with back pain all the time. There are so many people that have lost work or even can no longer work. Trying to figure out the exact problem can take months and sometimes years. And some people never do find out what the problem is, and live with pain for the rest of their lives. North American Spine can give people their lives back. They are there to stop the pain, and a lot of people agree that this works.

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