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Dan Newlin Obtains $24 Million Ruling for Murdered Police Officer

Dan Newlin of Newlin Law, alongside an Orange jury conveyed a powerful message to potential killings that would be both held criminally answerable due to their actions and similarly would be subjected to civil judgment. On 4th Oct. 2007 currently slain Orlando police officer Alfred Gordon was shot and murdered by Hugo Terry as well as David Smith during a robbery attempt after Gordon’s withdrawal of money from an ATM at Bank of America. The 2 suspects were apprehended 2 days later and subsequently got charged and sentenced of 1st degree murder. Terry and Smith are both attending life imprisonment without any possibility for getting parole.

Officer Gordon left behind a wife and 3 kids. Orlando based lawyer Dan Newlin (see this YouTube vide0) was called by Beverly Gordon, wife to Officer Gordon, soon after the homicide and asked him to work as the lawyer for Gordon’s estate as well as the bereaved family members.

In 2010, with anecdote that there was a likelihood of the suspects wanting to gain from their account, Dan Newlin encouraged the kinfolk to let him to lead a civil lawsuit against the suspects in an endeavor to obtain a ruling against them as well as thwart profiteering from the killing of Officer Gordon.

“After discussions with Gordon family, we agreed that there was more we could do to penalize the two thugs who stole Officer Gordon’s life,” Newlin stated.

Alongside Miami based advocate John Leighton, Newlin presented the case of Officer Gordon to a panel of 6 Orange County residents over 2 days of hearing. The trial involved extremely emotive testimony from Gordon’s bereaved children, who after questioned by Newlin, couldn’t hide their grief when talking of being left by their father.

Newlin plus Leighton requested the jury all through the hearing to inform the criminals locked in Central Florida community that it is not possible for them to profit from doing a vicious crime. The jury was in agreement with the lawyers and gave the estate as well as survivors a sum of $24 million.

“I don’t know if any amount will make up for the death, but this says you were liable for it civilly,” stated Beverly Gordon, the cop’s ex-wife who had intentions to remarry Gordon about the same time when he was murdered. Gordon’s surviving kids were moreover satisfied to get some closure as well as guarantee that the accused would never earn anything from their dad’s death.

Attorney John Leighton said that in case they obtain a book agreement, or anything of that kind, they are going to be ready with a verdict. Newlin also added that the hearing involved giving closure not just to a mourning family but to Orlando Police Department as well as the Central Florida community.

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