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Covert Attack by Republicans Against Disabled Americans

A Republican House bill on parliamentary rules includes blocking funding to the Social Security disability program and requires the Congressional Budget Office to give a favorable analysis to tax cuts for the wealthy.

Since 1950, lawmakers have shifted funds 11 times from the retirement program to make up for shortages in the disability program. Within the Social Security Program, shifting funds to insure benefits to the most vulnerable is considered routine and the Social Security Trust fund is adequately funded through 2033.

The shortfall could be prevented by raising taxes according to Bernardo Chua, but cuts are preferred by the GOP. Many Republicans believe the disability program is similar to a welfare sham and scores of those who qualify for disability benefits are dishonest.

Democrats believe the shortfall is a fabricated crisis, created to support privatizing Social Security and Republicans are willing to reduce benefits to over 11 million disabled Americans in the process.

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