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Combining the City and the Country: Trees in New York City

As anyone that lives in New York City knows, finding a place to live within the city limits in a nearly impossible task. With so many people in such a small area, finding in NYC apartments for sale can take years. Also, the cost of living in New York is astronomical. Many people need assistance or roommates to afford a basic apartment. This means that finding any desired amenities is a luxury.

For those that can afford it, there has been a resurgence in the need for a little greenery while living in the big city. Depending on where in New York, there are many properties that offer different types of “foliage” within the city limits. With properties ranging from brownstones, multi family and single family homes these properties come with a wide variety of yards, trees and parks. In Manhattan, there are townhouses available that also come with up to 3,000 square feet of outdoor space on a terrace. Of course, most of these properties are costly, but, as one might expect, the Manhattan townhouses are available for no less than $100 million. Even in the Bronx, there is outdoor space available for under $500,000. It seems to be the best cost for a co-op and an expansive view.

In the past, people moving into the city assumed they would have to give up green fields and trees for the concrete jungle of New York. However, over the years, people have created small gardens and yards to have the best of both worlds. Although this has peaked the interest of real estate hunters, the cost still remains a factor in finding a place to live in an already saturated market. For more information please see this full article.

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