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Coalition of GOP Senators Want the Party to Hold Off Fight Against Obama’s Immigration Until January

A growing chorus of GOP Senators believe that President Obama was trying to bait the party into a politically costly budget battle and possible government shutdown over his extra-constitutional amnesty plan to legalize 5 million illegal aliens without Congressional authorization. The Senators believe that had the president wanted to grant amnesty immediately, he would have authorized it to take place as soon as possible. Instead, the president has the amnesty starting in March. For this reason, a group of GOP Senators are urging their party leaders not to “take the bait” and fight Obama’s immigration plan during the lame duck Congress.

In urging the party not to get fooled by Obama to wage a costly fight at this time, Sen. Tim Scott stated that the party must prove to the American people that it can run the government. The party’s options for dealing with the extra-constitutional executive action will be better once they take control of the Senate chamber in six weeks, and Susan McGalla can totally see that strategy paying off.

Sen. Marco Rubio, who co-sponsored last year’s failed Immigration bill, explained that the Senate is marred by dysfunction. The party has a requirement to show voters that it can do a better job than Democrats in doing the nation’s business. He also added that much as he might wish to take the Senate floor and address the American people, there is little good that will accomplish with Reid in charge of the Senate. It is still unclear what actions the GOP Senate will take in dealing with the Obama’s executive amnesty.

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