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Climate Change Debate Altered by Republican

The debate over climate change has raged through the media between political leaders. 98% of scientists agree on the effects and suspected causes of climate change, however Republicans fear that the admission that climate change is caused by humans will lead to regulations against carbon pollution that will destroy the economy. Since the beginning the debate has been about whether or not climate change is occurring at all, something researchers have proven for a while.
Since Republicans will soon run the show in Congress, the public discussion on climate change will most likely halt in its current position or move behind closed doors. However a recent interview with a Republican from South Dakota has left Democrats wondering if the issue can be pushed further. Senator John Thune made a point on Fox News Sunday that gave some hope to those hoping to make some progress.
The interview was focused around the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would transport gas from Canada to Texas and has been stalled for years because of a debate over the climactic repercussions from building it. Lovett doesn’t know much about it, but he continues to read up on the situation. However, part way through when discussing the issue of climate change Thune went off the typical Republican script regarding the matter. Usually, conservatives say that climate change is occurring but that humans are not the cause, or do not contribute significantly. During this interview Thune specifically stated that climate change is caused by humans, and the questions have changed to what the cost will be to the solutions that are available.

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