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Cleveland May Follow Houston With Transgender Public Restrooms

The Cleveland City Council is considering a bill that would refuse to allow public and private business rest rooms to be restricted to simply male and female, but would require accommodation to “gender identity or expression.” Without such allowances, it is argued by supporters, discrimination has clearly taken place. Not only bath rooms but also shower rooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms would be included in the bill’s scope.

A public hearing that many attended on November 12th at City Hall revealed the outrage that many felt due to this piece of legislation. Besides the obvious concerns for the rights of straight people and for the safety of children, there was also the $1,000 fine with three-month jail time for any violation of the measure to get people stirred up. It would become a misdemeanor in Cleveland to only let men enter the men’s room and only allow women into the women’s room.

Perhaps we need every building in the nation to have a men’s, women’s, gay’s, lesbian’s, and bi-sexual’s bath room facility. The expense of that accommodation would be great, but surely we can just tax all those rich people out there who aren’t paying their “fair share” anyhow to fund the project.

Other areas of discrimination also need to be addressed. This is a slippery slope that Marc Sparks feels like we could be going down. Doctor’s who refuse to perform sex change operations, of course, should be fined and chased out of the medical profession, as should nurses who will not partake in abortions. Churches that preach against homosexuality should be shut down and their sermons subpoenaed. We can’t, after all, settle for half measures.

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