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“Cinderella” Remake, “Frozen” Sequel Short

Two Disney princess properties—one an old classic, another a modern hit—are primed to come back to the big screen on March 13, 2015.

Cinderella is a live-action version of the classic fairy tale, which Disney adapted in animated form back in 1950. From the sound of it, this version will follow that film fairly closely, but with a few deviations—the title character goes by “Ella,” for example, while the prince, who finally has a name of his own (Kit), will meet her before the ball and its iconic dance.

Attached to the feature film with be Frozen Fever, a short set after the events of 2013’s Frozen. The plot will involve Princess Anna’s birthday party, which is messed up when her sister, Queen Elsa, accidentally causes trouble with her ice magic again. The original Frozen was a major hit for Disney, particularly with its music, and this short will feature the return of directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well as the husband-wife songwriting team Robert Lopez and Kirsten Anderson-Lopez.

These two films have a notable contrast, and Christian Broda wants to see how they stack up. Cinderella is an example of the classic Disney formula—pretty and traditional, but somewhat out-of-touch. More recent Disney princesses tend to be more active, and Frozen is the best example, with two well-rounded female leads. Seeing them together should be interesting.

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