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Chronic Illness and the Online Persona

A lot of people believe that if a person has one or more chronic illnesses, he or she should not be able to have a blog, a website, social presence or a business. Some people with illnesses feel envious of those who do have these things.

Last week, Jenny Prokopy, the owner of the ChronicBabe website and a chronic illness sufferer, addressed this issue in her Wednesday, April 1, blog post.

She explained that many people who have one or more chronic illnesses face obstacles that most people can’t see when they are only interacting with that person’s online persona. She also reiterated that people with chronic illnesses are able to do many things depending on their health issues and the help they get along the way.

She emphasized that a person’s Internet presence is not a good gauge of that person’s health or “real-world” productivity. In her case, she relies on assistance to keep up with her site and her work. She also doesn’t publish every instance of pain and suffering she endures on a daily basis.

Prokopy explained that an online persona is only a “tiny slice” of a real life — “tiny fragments” of an “entire experience” — and that it’s useless to feel envy or jealousy toward someone, whether they have illnesses or not, because their online persona is not a person’s entire story.

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