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CCMP Capital – Years of Investing and Experience

CCMP Capital is a private equity investment firm specializing in equity growth and buyouts. They have reported to have invested more than 16 billion in the traits of buyouts and equity growth since 1984. They have obviously been in the investment business for many years and have a lot of experience when it comes to the financial side of investments. It can become a complicated process, and at times hard to understand. However, the expert management teams at CCMP Capital exhibit exquisite experience and support to answer and financial questions involved in the process. The company solely concentrates on four avenues of investment concerns. Those areas concentrate on the healthcare industry and affiliated business, the chemical and energy industries, consumer and retail companies, and industrial businesses. Their powerful value creation model along with their expert management team and given them the world class investment partner name.

An estimated 7.6 billion has been invested from Stephen Murray CCMP Capital into consumer and retail services throughout the country in over 31 years. They have concentrated on sever different areas in the retail business that include but are not limited to specialty retail services, information services and multi-channel marketing. CCMP Capital has invested 4.1 billion on the industrial side of companies and that includes over 29 years of experience in manufacturing, distributing and other industrial services. The healthcare industries have received approximately $1.6 billion in investments within 27 years of work and those include different providers involved in healthcare services, companies specializing in different healthcare products, and healthcare companies that distribute medical products. On the chemical and energy side of the spectrum, CCMP Capital has invested 2.6 billion in different companies over 25 years and concentrates their efforts on chemicals, services within the oilfield and electricity.

CCMP Capital’s success relies heavily on the structure that was produced from co-founder Stephen Murray. He co-founded the company in 2006 after many years of working in the industry. He started out in 1984 as an analyst. He had just graduated from college with his bachelor’s degree in economics from Boston College. He decided to get his master’s degree in business administration and graduated in 1989. The beginning of his career was epic, and he continued to work for many high end, industrial equity firms that eventually became the history of CCMP Capital. He developed CCMP Capital from J.P. Morgan as it became a branch off of the investment firm. He was named the CEO and president in 2007. He was also an active member of many top companies and took pride in his efforts as a philanthropist. He helped with different foundations throughout the community and took part in serving on the board at Boston College. He will be remembered for his dedication and work ethic for many years to come.

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