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A Morning With Doe Deere

See how a successful and beautiful CEO balances life and work. Doe Deere was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She came to the United States at the age of 17 to pursue her music career. While following her dream in New York city she met her bandmate Mark, who later became her husband. She was always drawn to color and wanted a makeup that would allow her to express her very colorful personality. This was the future and heart of Lime Crime, her unique and colorful make up line that she introduced in 2008.


Doe Deere describes herself as a morning person and her morning routine supports that. She wakes every morning at 8:30 without the assistance of an alarm. She loves mornings, everything from breakfast to taking a few moments to look out at the world and admire the nature around her. She lives in the dry environment of Los Angeles so she always starts her morning with a full glass of water to help her stay hydrated. After lingering for a bit she is ready for some stretching and breakfast. Breakfast typically involves grits, yogurt, or fruit. She also adds in some freshly squeezed juice from the Orange tree in her yard. She doesn’t go into the office until a bit later in the day so the next line of business is to look over her phone for any updates and scan Instagram for new trends. She touches base with her Lime Crime team and answers emails.


Being a successful CEO of a booming make up company you have to look your best when you walk out the door. Doe Deere has her morning routine that involves a little fun as she puts her look together. She turns on the music as she warms up her curling iron. She styles her colorful hair in big soft curls, her usual look. A freshly washed face and an application of moisturizer is next. She applies her foundation and sets her makeup. Lime Crime currently does not have a foundation line but one could be coming very soon. Now onto the fun part, adding the color. She applies blush and lipstick usually in a red or pink shade. Now that she’s all ready, she takes some time to give her two cats some love before leaving the house.


Around noon she is at the office, having lunch, and talking with her team. The meetings start and don’t usually end until 6pm. She enjoys her schedule and seeing her dream come true and inspiring others to make theirs come true. Learn more:


The Affluent And Influential Entrepreneur, Malini Saba.

Malini Saba, a successful entrepreneur and a kind-hearted philanthropist who has inspired many. She is the chairperson of Saban Group of Industries, a company she started after being unable to get into a venture capital group. Saban operates investments in technology companies in the US, real estates in India and Australia and oil and gas in China. Malini’s investment career started as a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, and she has to date invested in more than 20 technology companies. Her typical day revolves around meetings, and she believes that meeting should take 45 minutes.

Investment opportunities and her advice to people.
Malini Saba studies the market trends and does the opposite of what others are doing. She invested in real estate and retail in India while many were hesitant of investing, the venture ended up being a smart investment. The self-made entrepreneur has investments in the commodity market and owns and operates Iron Ore mines. She has invested in agriculture space owning thousands of acres of rice fields and 5,000 hectares of palm oil.

Malini admits that businesses have their up and downs, but one should not be afraid of taking risks. Her advice to others willing to be successful entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves, trust their guts and go for something if they have the facts and have done their research. She acknowledges that one may fail, but failure is an experience that can make one more successful if they learn from it.

Philanthropic Activities.
In 2001, she started Stree, an organization that seeks to help women who are at risk and with low-income access legal empowerment and healthcare. She has also donated $1M to Heart Research Centre for South Asians at El Camino Hospital. In 2004, she pledged $10M to the victims of the tsunami in Sri Lanka and India.

More About Malini.
She was born in Malaysia, grew up in Australia and moved to the US. Malini holds a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of Western Australia and a PhD in Psychology from Stanford University. She was a Multi-millionaire at 34 years having invested her saving in stocks, telecommunication and commodities after getting advice from investment bankers.

Her vast experience in running her business and investing led to her appointment as CEO of Ipswich Chamber of Commerce. She is a board member of Stanford Cancer Institute. She extends her kindness to children in developing countries by providing healthcare and educational opportunities. She supports orphanages in Sri Lanka and advocates for human rights in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.