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Illegally Blonde


Reese Witherspoon has found herself in the news again, and not because she won a second Academy Award. The actress and owner of the fashion line known as Draper James is in hot water following accusations of design theft. Witherspoon’s label now faces a five million dollar lawsuit for allegedly stealing imagery created by Jeweller, Jordann Weingaertner. Recently Vogue wrote in depth article addressing the issue, and delving into the particulars of the latest drama, which can be read here, in Vogue… for those interested in more of the scandalous details. In short, Weingartner feels that a tote bag crafted by Draper James shows a blooming flower with the letter ‘D’ front and center is a little too similar to designs featured in Weingartner’s ‘Magnolia’ line. In fact, the jeweller claims she is sure the Oscar winner had prior knowledge of the design after receiving a necklace featuring an image she feels is all too similar to her own work. Frustrated, Weingartner has only made this a legal issue because Witherspoon refused to respond.

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