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End Citizens United is Fighting the Audacity of Congress Again

The 2010 Citizens United ruling handed down by the United States Supreme Court stands as proof positive that the court system can be played just like Congress in a corporate-controlled system like the current United States legislative debacle. Congress has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they want to be equal opportunity beggars when it comes campaign time, making progress difficult for altruistic political groups like End Citizens United. The twisted ruling that granted personhood rights to corporations while claiming campaign contributions amount to free speech is not only appalling, but proof positive of corruption across the board in the U.S. government. And, now Congress is cherry-picking for money again by exempting religious organizations from tax obligations while still allowing them to contribute just like for-profit companies.

The Johnson Act of 1954 has been in place for many years and restricts 501(c)3 organizations from contributing to political campaigns. Now Congress is attempting to exclude religious organizations from this law, allowing them to instead contribute as they wish with financial resources they garner from collection plate begging. The problem with the amendment modification is that is not equal opportunity for all non-profits. It specifically restricts all non-religious entities from contributions. Luckily, End Citizens United appears set to receive approximately $38 million in contributions by 2018 that they will use to advance the causes of a wide variety of new candidates. Local races such as governor elections will be addressed in particular. The midterms are right around the corner and the ECU is ready and loaded for bear.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that began focused on changing the 2010 SCOTUS ruling by adding a constitutional amendment reversing the decision. The primary problem they are facing is support for the movement because they are lobbying the very individuals who are benefiting the most from the onerous law. No one wants to kill the Golden Calf, choosing to actually make the problem worse with the Johnson Amendment exemption. This means those devoted to changing the terrible trend in politics like End Citizens United CEO Tiffany Muller will assuredly have their work cut out for them. Everyone should be prepared to hear from End Citizens United concerning campaign funding reform by supporting many of the upstart candidates who will be railing on the corruption of a Congress that prefers to operate in secrecy.

The operatives at ECU understand that secret government is inherently bad government, and can become inept in short order when too much money flows through the legalized bribery system that consumes the Beltway. And, it is about to be bare knuckles time once again with the Johnson Amendment change as well as the standing problem of corporate personhood. Know more: