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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum – Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in various hip, knee, and joint replacement, and reconstruction techniques. But he is notable for his alternatives to knee replacement surgery, using a minimally invasive technique, as seen on the WPIX-11 Morning News. Robert Reed was a prime candidate for Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s partial knee resurfacing procedure. Robert was an active man for over twenty-five years, taking part in such activities as karate, as well as a wide variety of active sports.

But, unfortunately leading such an active, and physical lifestyle caught up with Robert over time. He developed arthritis in both of his knees and was unable to cope with a regular daily life without pain and constant throbbing in both knees. As it turned out, Robert was in need of knee surgery. His Doctors decided to do a partial knee resurfacing. The knee is made up of three parts. A total knee replacement would replace all parts.

Whereas a partial knee resurfacing allows doctors to simply resurface the end of the diseased bone, with metal on one side and a high-density medical plastic on the other. This leaves the rest of the healthy knee and ligaments intact, minimizing trauma. While it is stated that partial knee resurfacing is not recommended for cases such as severe arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis, it is a positive alternative for those suffering from localized osteoarthritis. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum was trained at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, but currently practices in New York.

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The Enigma of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff and Sean Penn, Its Author

There’s plenty to make out of the book reviews of Sean Penn’s absurdist debut novel “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” featured in USA Today and Entertainment Weekly (EW). For starters, Sean Penn has never been known yet as a writer, despite the fact that he’s already written scripts or drafts of them for movies he’s in. He’s no doubt a talented, established and sought-after actor today, but he feels that his next stage as an artist would have to be as a novelist. The product of this new stage in his career is this new novel that is described to be a satire or political comment of what’s going on in the United States as a culture, a purveyor of modern values and as a country of divisive ideas.



EW shared that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is supposed to be just a thinner book, a novella perhaps, in the form of an audiobook narrated by Penn himself. Penn would be using his pseudonym Pappy Pariah, and it is meant to be an entertaining and yet insightful comment of where America is in right now in terms of pushing for the values it is supposed to lead.


People also learned from the EW book review that the novel is about Bob, a man in the Baby Boomer generation who is a freelancer, working for odd jobs. These jobs include being a septic tank man as well as a government hitman, meant to kill compromising personalities that the government finds disruptive. Part-time assasin, part-time hustler, Bob navigates America in the entire novel in all its basking and flawed glory.



EW added that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff definitely features the personal worldview of Penn, including his opinion on the dirt of American media today as well as the police violence in the country against racial minorities.



In the USA Today book review, people may be able to glean that Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is also a comment on what happened during and at the aftermath of the Trump Presidential Elections. In the novel, the setting is fictionally set during the 2016 Presidential Elections. The book also features Bob as an enigma and as a man that seems to be a symbolic figure of what Penn is in real life. Despite correlations between real-life Penn as author of Bob and Bob himself, USA Today argues that Bob is still as much of an enigma as Penn is.

Dr. Saad Saad: Stepping into the World of Medical Invention

Dr. Saad Saad believes that some of the best inventions are born out of a need or necessity. He has led a very distinguished career as a pediatric doctor and surgeon in various countries all over the world. His most prestigious post was when he became the personal doctor for the Saudi Arabian royal family, living in the country for many years. While there he helped the royal family, but he was also able to help impoverished children as well. He willingly performed complex procedures and difficult surgeries on underprivileged children. He enjoyed that his position there gave them the flexibility to participate in these types of activities.


Now that he is back in the United States, he has turned his eye to the world of invention. Over many years of practice, he has found that there are several things that could use improvement. One of the things that he believes could use the most improvement is the placement and location of catheters. Catheters have a multitude of uses but are typically used for blood and urine output as well medicine dispatch. Instead of forcing the patient to get an x-ray every single time the doctor wants to confirm its position in their body, Dr. Saad Saad found a way to track it with an electromagnetic tip placed on the catheter. The catheter can then be tracked using a very small device that the doctor can carry in their hands. While this invention has been a game changer in the minds of many medical professionals, it is not currently in production. The reason is not in production is because the cost to produce it would be quite high, but many manufacturers are still looking into the potential that it may have and it is quite possible that it will be produced in coming years. Learn more:


The second device is being used because of how relatively cheap it is to make. It is essentially an endoscope, which is used to look at the throat and stomach, with a suction device attached to it. There are even some models that include irrigation so that doctors can participate in both suction and irrigation when necessary during an exam. Before this device, doctors were forced to remove the endoscope every single time they needed to complete one of those tasks. Now, with this device doctors have the time they need to go through the procedure and leave the endoscope in place. This reduces discomfort during the procedure and decreases the time it takes for them to conduct the exam exponentially. Anyone interested in exploring these inventions more confined information on the Medical Daily Times under the heading “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon”.

Heavy Metal Dreams: The Early Years of Cassio Audi and His Music

When they hear the name Cassio Audi, many people’s thoughts immediately go to Audi’s reputation as an international financial genius, financial planning, and project management, among other operations in the world of Brazilian and global finance. They think of the world of business and finance, not the world of music. But if the early dreams of Cassio Audi had been fully actualized, his name may well conjure up images of the music world’s greatest heavy metal drummer.

Cassio was born in Brazil, and when he was around 18, he embarked on a musical career in his home country during the 1980’s as a drummer with the metal band Viper. This group of musicians in the band modeled their band after the style and the musical choices of the famous British band Iron Maiden. Cassio and his band were strongly influenced by the styles of Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray.

“Theater of Fate,” an album which employed a full orchestra, was released in 1989 and was probably the most famous Viper album. What stands out about the work on this particular album is that Cassio and the other musicians made sure that the album was a nice cross or fusion of heavy metal and classical music. One song on the album is based on Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata.” When asked what his favorite song on the album was, Cassio chose a track called “Living for the Night.”

Cassio’s tenure in the band lasted from about 1985 to 1989. At one point, his band Viper was more popular in Japan than the epic grunge band Nirvana. Life and business ventures were in his future, but drumming and music had laid a foundation of discipline in one’s craft and creativity that would pay off for Cassio Audi in future years and ventures.

Omar Yunes Graciously Accepts Sushi Itto Award

The company that is behind the Sushi Itto brand is proud of Omar Yunes because of the fact that he accepted the award for one of the best franchisees in the company. He has worked hard for that title and has been sure that he is going to continue offering opportunities for all of the people who were in different areas of the company. This has allowed him the chance to try new things and to grow the business far beyond what Sushi Itto was able to do in Japan. By franchising the company, Omar Yunes made sure that it was an international brand and something that the company would be able to be proud of no matter what was going on with it. He wanted to help people get the options that they needed and he wanted to be sure that things would work out for people no matter what was going on.

For Omar Yunes to take over the international franchise of the company was something that allowed him the chance to try new things. He took the brand far from Japan and wanted to make sure that things would work out for the people who were working for the brand. When he started the franchise locations, he did what he could to show people that there would be major changes and that they would be able to enjoy all of these changes since Sushi Itto in Mexico. It was a huge change from what the chain offered in Japan.

Now that Omar Yunes owns 13 franchised locations of the brand, he is able to see the way that they are making a difference for all of the people with the company. He has grown the business to a point where it is much larger than what it has been. While Sushi Itto was a big brand in Japan, it is now even bigger thanks to the options that Omar Yunes has provided in Mexico. As a business owner, he owns 10% of all of the Sushi Itto restaurants that make up all of the franchise locations around the world.

Clearabee Removes Your London-Based Junk Within a Day

Clearabee is a company that started as a simple concept of a man with a van who offered to clear rubbish for people as a side service. Same-day removal guaranteed fast removal of people’s junk and made many satisfied customers repeat customers. This rubbish removal service is available across London and they remove much or little junk as the customer has to get rid of on that day. They can come multiple times or take just a few small items. The labor of moving the items into the truck and the manual labor is included in their prices, so sit back and let the Clearabee workers do the heavy lifting.


Clearabee does not subcontract services so if you order services from us not someone we “contract to”. London-based customers can book services online or even receive free price quotes based on the amount of rubbish removal that they are needing to be moved at that specific time. Feel free to check online at Clearabee for free quotes or information, and you can book your services there, too. Otherwise, call the Clearabee workers in London for rubbish removal services they are open till 7:00 pm local London time give them a ring at 0330-088-100 to get your rubbish removed today!

Dr. Jennifer Walden – founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center

Dr. Jennifer Walden is an American cosmetic surgeon, academic, media commentator, and the founder of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, which is a plastic surgery center headquartered in Austin, Texas. The satellite office of the company is in Marble Falls, Texas. As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden started her career at Manhattan Hospital, where she met her mentor, Dr. Aston. The hospital specializes in the treatment of ear, eye, and throat complications. After her fellowship work at Manhattan Hospital, Walden move to New York City’s Upper East Side, where she worked for more than seven years. In New York, Jennifer participated in many clinical trials, which resulted in the restoration of silicone breast implants.

In her career life, Dr. Jennifer Walden has received several recognitions. She once featured as the spokeswoman for American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in the Daily article, which was about labiaplasty surgery. Also, Jennifer Walden was recognized as one of the finest plastic surgeons in the United States of America.

Walden is known for the use of advanced technologies in the field of plastic surgery. She prefers using Vectra technology. This is a 3D imaging technology, which can visualize the look of a patient before the start of the surgery process. Also, Jennifer is known for the use of ThermiVa, which is a temperature-controlled and radio-frequency system for vaginal rejuvenation and tightening. She has successfully developed instruments that can be utilized for breast surgery. These instruments are carried by ASSI (Accurate Scientific and Surgical Instruments). Apart from being an active plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden also works as a consultant in aesthetic companies such as Ideal Implant, ThermiAesthetic, Venus Concept, and Sciton Inc.

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Correctional Calling Network Keeps Thousands Of Inmates Connected

Securus Technologies is tackling the global market with a Certification 1 that has been issued to their sub-companies. This certification has brought about many technological advances to inmate calling. Their international partnership allows them to hire over 456,000+ IT professionals. They will be highly trained in security, communications, control, and monitoring. Millions of calls are processed over the Securus network. Their top priority is their customers and keeping them connected to their loved ones when it means the most. Securus is a high end correctional calling inmate provider and now they lead the industry as a network provider for inmate calls.


Securus has partnered with video conglomerate Vimeo to bring their clients a remarkable feature that reduces your loved ones commute to a facility. JPay Services is now a subsidiary of Securus and has brought new service features to the Securus network. They value their customers and have decided that they will listen to customer feedback and always provide improved services. They are proud to have served their customers for over 40 years as a ln inmate regulation provider and are quickly growing as a network provider. Your invited to visit their website for a complete listing of promotional offers available from their website.


Securus Features


Inmate Voice


 Inmate voice allows inmates to receive messages through their personalized access network. They can purchase their access code that allows voice messages through their commissary. This feature is popular among inmates and aides their transition outside of the facility.


Video Chat


 Video chat allows their customers to talk face-to-face over the internet. Disabled family members no longer have to commute to the jail to visit their loved ones. Customers get a high definition video with outstanding call clarity. Join the Securus Technologies video chat network today.


Kabbalah Centre Students Can Study Anything

The Kabbalah Centre was founded by the Berg family as a place to study and learn where the presence of God is. There are many people who come into the Kabbalah Centre every day to be enlightened and learn about God, but they are not studying any one religion. Kabbalah is a form of mystic Judaism that is used to search for God’s presence, and that is what people are allowed to study when they come to the Centre or one of its offices. There are a lot of options when people are at the Kabbalah Centre, and every option includes study in their libraries, meditation and discussions with other students of the Centre.

Everyone is welcome at the Kabbalah Centre, and they need to be sure that they have come to study because the Centre was created for the most basic study of the word of God and where he might be. Someone who wants to study can come in at any time, and they can partake in all that the Centre has to offer. The Centre is a very easy place to visit because it offers a lot of options that people are not used to. They can sit among all the books, or they can find a nice place to rest.

The best part of what people can do when they come to the Kabbalah Centre is that they can get enlightened in their own way. They have a chance to learn what they want to learn in their own time, and they can go to any of the offices of the Kabbalah Centre around the world. The Kabbala Centre is now run by the children of the Bergs, and they will help people who want to come and study. It is a tradition that people should not miss out on.

QNET Releases LifeQode 100% Vegetarian

QNET is a prominent direct selling company in Asia that has been gaining in popularity in recent months. The company has taken on the global industry of direct selling and positioned itself as a leader in this highly competitive niche. The latest from QNET is that they have unveiled a new product for their global audience that is sure to take the world by storm. They are releasing three powdered food supplements under the LifeQode range that are 100% organic, halal, and vegetarian.

The reason that QNET feels that LifeQode will be unlike any other supplement of its kind is it has been formulated and tested to help restore balance to the human body replenishing vital nutrients that are needed using only food extracts, giving the human body the proper care that it deserves. QNET announced that this three new supplement package of health and wellness supplement will be called Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and EDG3. All three of these new products are currently being made from a unique selection of all natural derived ingredients that promise to provide the human body better health and an overall improved well-being.

The regional general manager of QNET, Khaled Diab, says that Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and EDG3 each in their own way provide gentle hormone stimulation, amazing immune boosting ability, and phytonutrients derived from berries. The key to a fulfilling and a long life is your health, and these products are designed to help the body to natural draw the nutrients it needs to thrive each day. By combining these three unique supplements, QNET feels that LifeQode has finally cracked what has long been believed the code to natures formula for living a longer and healthier lifestyle.

The best part about the Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and EDG3 supplements is that they are completely lifestyle friendly. These supplements all come in easy to carry convenient pouches and are available in delicious flavors. Supplements can also be combined and selected based on their nutritional value, depending in part to the individual need of the user. QNET representatives feel that these has been a dire need for these products on the market for far too long, and the time has come where consumers are finally going to have the opportunity to better their lives through the supplements they take.

QNET pushed this product to the forefront of their industry because they feel that a nutrient crisis is taking over this world, and if the body can not regenerate effectively, eventually a long list of chronic illnesses will soon follow. The combination of a balanced diet and the LifeQode supplements could add many healthy years to a persons life. The Kenta, Berry Xtreme, and EDG3 supplements are expected to be top sellers this year for a company that is already on the rise.