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Perry Mandera and his Passions

Perry Mandera is a transportation industry executive with three decades of experience in the business. In 1986 he founded his own company, The Custom Companies Inc., which is based out of Northlake, Illinois.

Perry Mandera has recently reiterated his support for the Illinois State Crime Commission(ISCC), a non profit support group, whose purpose is to educate police officers passed their initial training programs required to become an officer. Another one of the non profits goals is to use its resources to reduce the crime rate and to lower the child delinquency rate. So how does the Illinois State Crime Commission achieve these things? They do it through such programs as educational seminars on controversial topics such as gang violence, a problem that Chicago is known to have. The ISCC also utilizes seminars for police officers to train them further in proper firearm precautions, martial arts, and hand-to-hand combat.

Being a Chicago native himself, it makes since why Perry Mandera is using his voice to praise an organization such as the ISCC.

When Perry Mandera isn’t voicing his concerns over local law enforcement training, he is doing his actual job: running his company. With Perry Mandera at its helm, The Custom Companies uses several different technologies to serve the people in, but not limited to the Chicago area (Customcares).

One of the companies main tools is Cheetah Dispatch, this allows company employees, specifically drivers to access information at a lightning quick level to insure that the logistics of automatic pickups and proof of delivery are handled adequately.

The Dock Management System or DMS for short is the industry standard program for tracking the shipping freights. This guarantees that their parcels are quickly delivered and that delays are limited to few and far between.

The Warehouse Management System is the final piece of software that Perry Mandera’s company utilizes during its day-to-day operations. This program is designed with the consumer in mind; it allows customers to track their parcels and inventory with ease due to electronic inventories maintained by the program.