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TechStyle Taking E-Commerce By Storm

JustFab Inc. has changed their name to TechStyle Fashion Group and is based in El Segundo, CA. Under TechStyle are the brands you’ve surely heard about including Fabletics, JustFab, Fabkids and ShoeDazzle. JustFab was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who set out to change the way people shop for trending fashion. Shawn Gold the corporate marketing officer, oversees the marketing efforts of each brand. TechStyle’s JustFab has made over an astonishing $300 million and continues to grow.

Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg has had a career as an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Goldenberg began his career at the tender age of 13 and created a gaming website called Gamer’s Alliance. A few years later, Adam Goldenberg sold Gamer’s Alliance to a company called Intermix which was a former MySpace company. He then became the youngest COO in history at the age of 19 for Intermix. Goldenberg stayed with the company for years, and started seeing the large potential in e-commerce. He started yet another company Intelligent Beauty. The success of Intelligent Beauty led to the opening of DermStore and JustFab. Goldenberg’s current title at TechStyle is Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. He is in charge of marketing, internal systems, margins and data.

Don Ressler is also the Co-Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. Ressler is also a pioneer in successful business ventures since 1997. His first business was sold to Intermix as well. He acted as the Chief Executive Officer and President before leaving to work for Intermix. Don Ressler’s expertise helped increase shareholder value and the company was then sold to News Corp. for $670 million. His future companies Hydroderm and Alena Media went on to raise over $100 million. Don currently works closely with Adam Goldenberg at TechStyle Fashion Group overseeing talent, customer experience and vision.

The focus of TechStyle is to offer fashionable pieces at affordable prices. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends and track consumer preferences. Brand loyalty and capturing consumers’ attention is extremely important in e-commerce today. TechStyle is currently in the process of opening several more brick-and-mortar store locations within the year. There are 18 Fabletics stores to date with 80 more to be added within the next few years. Goldenberg, Don Ressler and their team use valuable data from its stores through in-house created technology. They are able to use this data to create new merchandising, products and pricing. They have even created Omnicart which can provide them with data between dressing room items and purchase rates.