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QNet,“ owned by QI Group, is a multilevel marketing company operating in several countries across Asia. Started in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran, QNet has enjoyed a lot of success and brought opportunity to millions who otherwise might not have ever had a chance to partake in what is largely an entrepreneurial venture. QNet empowers employees to create a business, selling products for personal care, weight management, fashion accessories, nutrition, products for the home and even energy. This is an entrepreneurial model because their individual representatives, with a small investment, build a business and earn money through commission on those sales. The items they are selling are consumer goods and staples. This is a major departure from the genesis of QNet which, under the name “GoldQuest,” was in selling gold collectable coins. From gold coins to selling consumer staples, their business model has gained very solid footing, becoming provider of what people need and also what they want.

In business now for 17 years, QNet is constantly expanding and increasing sales. QNet, with over 4.5 million independent representatives, QNet accounts of a good percentage of the sales QI Group is claiming as it dances with the sales in the $1 billion range. They have gotten here by understanding the fundamentals of a marketplace: it is composed of buyers and sellers. QNet connects both of these fundamental constituents in a clever way. Rather than try to sell QNet products and services directly without local representation, QNet hires individual representatives in an attempt to take a stake in the development of the region and thereby investing in the people and their country. QI Group then, in turn, uses the profits from their ventures in very altruistic ways.

The funds earned through QI Group are consistently put to good use through the “RYTHM” Foundation. This acronym stands for “raise yourself to help mankind.” The Malaysian chapter, Vijayaratnam Foundation, has a school that specializes in teaching children with learning disabilities. Through the “Better Nepal Foundation,” they provide educational programs for women and orphans. This just names a few of the ways in which QI Group benefits the communities where they do business. They bring both commerce and solutions to areas of the world where both are, some might say, desperately needed. Only good can come of this type of manifestation of capitalistic and compassionate forces.

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