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Two Million Followers Inspire Others on Lime Crime’s Account; Doe Deere Blissfully Adjusts Her Crown


The most effective means to gain business exposure in the twenty-first century is to take to social media. Beauty brands are easily marketed on platforms like Instagram, and followers adore being able to upload their looks in an attempt to inspire others. Lime Crime, for example, is a makeup line that recently exceeded two million followers on IG by taking an original approach to social media.

Nude lips, natural eyes, and humdrum hairdos have no place on Lime Crime’s account. Instead, followers send other fans across the globe pictures of their unique looks for the day. Black velvet lips, hot pink hair, and blinged out, vibrant nails compose the photos on Lime Crime’s page, and followers cannot wait to share, attempt to execute looks, and inspire others each day. As CEO, e,Doe Deer revels in the excitement her followers feel, her compassionate approach to a cut-throat industry certainly continues to bloom.

The mother of three cats was born in Russia where she demonstrated a passion for originality, expression, and music at a young age. Upon moving to the United States, Deere lived in New York. Of course, being surrounded by constant inspiration and edge allowed the princess of pizzazz to not only meet her husband, but to form the fairytale rock band, Sky Salt, with him. Pursuing her original goal of becoming a musician, Deere never skipped a beat when it came to adorning her own face with colorful makeup that she created herself.

Reporting that she was never able to find lively colors in big-name stores, the designer began creating her own. Feeling a sense of compassion for people like her who were also unable to find animated makeup, Deere decided to launch the brand that the public recognizes today: Lime Crime. Her fans quickly became known as unicorns, and they galloped to the counters in order to purchase the products that were never once attainable. Their freedom to express themselves was Deere’s overall goal, and the available platforms to share their creations are certainly an added bonus that benefits both the CEO and followers. By colorizing one face at a time, the unicorn queen has undoubtedly altered the makeup industry for the better.

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Denim Can Be A Bad Addiction


Denim can be a bad addiction for anyone, and the idea that someone would wear too much of it could be cringeworthy for people who love fashion. Denim has to be used in moderation, and it has to work for people on a lot of different levels if it is even going to be worth it.

Denim in this fashion survey got out of hand, and the people who are using it too much are probably having too much fun shopping at JustFab. JustFab has everything that a shopper needs, but the shopper needs to make sure that they are not wearing too much of it. A great pair of jeans can go a long way, and a denim top works with other kinds of clothes that have wild colors. Adding them all together is too much, and it is important for people to check the whole catalog at JustFab to see what they can get.

The next thing that people need to do is be very careful of some of the things that they would wear as accessories. Denim shoes or hats can be great when they are paired with things that are nothing like denim, but there are a lot of people who will wear nothing but denim in the hope that they will match. This is not a good way to match, and it is not going to help people who are trying to look fashion forward.

JustFab opens the minds of people who are shopping because it makes it a lot easier for people to find the things that they need. This means that a lot of people are going to be able to get the clothes they need in one place, and they can get something that works with all their denim. That is much smarter than wearing all denim, and it keeps the addiction from getting out of control. People who know that their denim addiction is out of control are going to have to start shopping in a smarter place, and they need to make sure that they are looking for something more when they can.

Progressive Male Fashion – the Springtime Choices Modeled by Matt Landis

matt landis runway

Fashion trends come and go, but having new trends adds interesting life to wardrobes, and when they come back, refresh old wardrobe items for new seasons to be worn. Spring is fast approaching in many parts of the world, and whether spring is cooler or warmer, everyone needs a wardrobe update to look fashionable this season. Men sometimes are criticized more for not being up-to-date with fashion trends, so here are some interesting new looks, modeled by Matt Landis, to give ideas for some new outfits this coming spring!

matt landis model
If you’re looking for something more professional looking this spring, this first outfit is perfect! A nice plaid, button-up shirt (like the purple, black and white one that Landis wears), with a nice blazer that buttons to underneath the chest. With a pair of dress pants, this outfit would be perfect for an interview or business casual event, while still looking fashion forward in spring colors. Even with jeans, this outfit would be good for dates, as girls love guys who dress nicely to take them out. When looking for jackets or the button-up shirts, look for lighter colors, like Landis’ tan jacket, or plaid mixtures of white, purple, green or yellows.
matt landis records
The next outfit style is perfect for spring time in hotter sections of the world. Leather shorts that end mid-thigh, with a light zip-up jacket, no undershirt, and tom-style shoes make for a cool way to enjoy a summer party. Good for casual attire on hot days, this outfit can really show off those hard earned abs to the ladies. Landis works the outfit perfectly, leaving his jacket front open, pushing up the sleeves (which drives some women crazy), and a good mixture of bright and dark colors – like a grey jacket, brown shorts, and red shoes. For a brown eyed man like Landis, the color choices work perfectly to make his eyes stand out, especially with the red to really pop some color into his outfit.
matt landis runway

The final outfit is perfect for springs in the cooler areas still trying to find the sun. Landis’ choice was mid-thigh length shorts; a thin, collared undershirt; and a plain, white sweater over it. This outfit makes a nice combination of casual and a bit dressy, good for dates, parties or clubs. His choice of colors is a bit odd in the picture, as he chose a light blue shirt with white dots for underneath the white sweater, which matches well, but paired with olive green shorts makes the outfit class a bit. My suggestion would be to stick to one color or pattern theme.

There are so many different kinds of fashion for men this spring to express themselves, dress nicely, and impress women and men alike. No matter what part of the world guys live in, there are so many options to be be fashionable and be dressed well for the weather. Fashion, like what Matt Landis models, has progressed so much!

Elizabeth Warren Earns Street Cred Over Omnibus Revolt

Senator Elizabeth Warren has earned serious street cred as a populist champion for the causes near to her heart following yesterday’s House revolt against the Omnibus bill, which she inspired. Analysts are already drawing comparisons to her with Tea Party firebrand Ted Cruz, another first-term senator like herself. Both senators represent a new brand of elected official more adherent to their philosophy than they are to the established leadership and traditions of Beltway politics.

All eyes are going to be on her when she takes the podium to address the Omnibus bill on the Senate floor. She won admiration for her ability to go toe-to-toe against President Obama. Despite losing the battle, she established her reputation as an ideologue. However, it is one thing to inspire a revolt in the House and another to circumvent the well ensconced Senate hierarchy. This is an area where Senator Cruz had gained little traction.

Currently, the Senate’s most powerful Democrat next to Harry Reid is Chuck Schumer. From what I’ve heard from my political expert friend Dan Newlin, Schumer’s constituency includes Wall Street. In order for Warren to mount a serious challenge to strip the financial reform rider from the budget bill, she will need to do so prying it from Schumer’s proverbial “cold dead hands”. Like Cruz, she runs the risk of alienating herself from key senators within her party. Five-term Senator Barbara Mikulski, who chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, already made it clear she was annoyed by the critics of the Omnibus bill, which was a thinly veiled jab at Warren over the House revolt she triggered off.

The Drama of Size in Women’s Clothing

Men and women face different challenges in the world. Some of these challenges earn special attention, such as the pay gap between men and women. However, some of these challenges are more subtle. For example, men don’t need to worry about their clothing size fluctuating.

It’s tempting to dismiss the fluctuation of women’s clothing size as anti-female marketing. However, it’s not as simple as male designers wanting their models to be as skinny as possible. The problem runs back as far as the 1940s when ready made clothing through catalogs and retailers became standard. Manufactures ran into trouble with the bust sizes of different women, making the sizes difficult to pin down. Later, a study was run to determine the “average size” of a women, but the study was flawed in including mainly poor, white women who needed the participation fee.

Society’s perception of beauty then became the driving force for women’s clothing sizes. As the ideal woman became skinnier and skinnier, clothing manufactures attempted to appeal to that cultural shift by making their clothing sizes smaller to help craft an illusion of being skinny. For example, the curvy Marilyn Monroe would be a size 12 in the 1960s.Today she would be a size 6.

It’s frustrating, but there is hope. Some industry experts predict 3-D printing via FreedomPop devices may bring out ready to fit clothing obtained after a body scan in a dressing room. Sound creepy? Well, that just might be the trade-off for dismissing that jungle of different sizes.

Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta Dies

Oscar de la Renta, known worldwide for his haute couture fashion, has died at the age of 82. The fashion mogul was diagnosed with cancer in 2006. Reports say that his death was likely due to complications from the disease, which he has been battling off and on for the last eight years.

De la Renta’s name is known throughout the world for his timeless, yet modern pieces. He has dressed people from Nancy Reagan to Gianfrancesco Genoso in Brazil and Michelle Obama. His designs have appeared on the red carpet and at Buckingham Palace. Most recently, de la Renta designed the wedding dress worn by Amal Alamuddin in her ceremony with George Clooney. This came roughly 60 years after he had a breakthrough designing a wedding gown for the daughter of the US Ambassador to Spain. That design appeared on a Life Magazine cover. It would be another 15 years before he launched his own line.