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CEOs must Do Reputation Management

There are many things that are constantly vying for your attention when you are a leader of a corporation. Regardless of what you do, it is a great idea to keep the of your company in mind, according to an article recently published in the Huffington Post.

As the company leader, most people see you and the company as one. This is especially true online, so watch how you behave. Take the time to respond to negative review. Offer what you can to make the other person happy. If the person continues to be unhappy, then give them an email or phone number where they can contact you. While you can never make some people happy, others will view this as showing that you really care about your customers and are likely to judge you less harshly.

Do not do anything online that you do not want the public to know. Even if you think you have the best cyber-security, assume that everything you say or do online will be forwarded to every potential customer who may remotely be interested in your company. If you have shareholders, then assume that they will see it too.

Additionally, always treat people on the internet with respect. Start this practice with your company website, but expand the circle from there to include everything that is under your control. Even if you think that you are having a private text message with someone, there is no guarantee that they will not screenshot the information and post it online.

While you may read or see something online that simply makes your blood boil, do not react online. Assume that is exactly what the other person wants you to do. Instead, either do not post reactions at all or lay out a well-researched plan that arrives at sound solutions to the problem. When you lay out solutions, you will quickly become one of the thought leaders in your industry.

Take your time building a solid reputation and your business will succeed. Do not let moments of anger or despair cause you so much frustration that you lose everything.