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Rand Paul And Ron Wyden Are Going To Fight The Patriot Act

Sometimes big issues make for strange bedfellows. This week, Rand Paul and Ron Wyden are teaming up to battle against the re-authorization of the Patriot Act. Both have a desire to see the program scuttled or at least altered from its present form.

You would not think that the Republican Senator from Kentucky and the Democratic Senator from Oregon would team up that often, but in this case they want to. Both have a relatively strong profile in the Senate (Paul more so than Wyden), and SuperLawyers reported that both are big supporters of personal freedoms and avoiding the obstruction of government. reports that Senate Majority Leader (and fellow Kentucky Senator) Mitch McConnell has introduced a bill that would reauthorize the law without any changes to some of the more highly debated parts of the law. This is what has raised the ire of many and created a platform from which Wyden and Paul feel that they must step in and do something.

The two working together is important as well because of the fact that Rand Paul is officially running for President. As this is the case, this move could play some role in his chances of winning the nomination. That largely depends upon how he is seen when it comes to working with the other side. Will others in his party think that this is a positive or a negative thing? The voters get to decide that one.