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Slyce’s New Beta Tools For Visual Search Shopping

Slyce Offers New Ways To Shop Online

The e-commerce trend is growing still. It has been growing for decades, and we have long awaited a time when we could actually go window shopping. Well, the time is here. It is now possible to use Slyce’s visual search technology to shop from your mobile device. The best part is that this version of window shopping doesn’t have to be done in front of large glass department store windows. It can be done from your own home, or it can be done at your friend’s home, or it can be done virtually anywhere that you have a cell signal. You could be sitting at a coffee shop, and you see someone’s hat that you like, so you get your phone out. You go on to Slyce’s app, and you purchase it right then and there. Shopping online just got easier, thanks to Slyce.

Slyce Has New Beta Tools

It is still getting made easier because Slyce came out with a bunch or beta tools to enhance the experience for consumers and retailers. This is going to shake up the market quite a bit. Major retailers are working with Slyce to bridge the gap between consumers and retailers and to create conversations with consumers that matter. These retailers include some big name like Home Depat, JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and others on Slyce has introduced a new beta tool called Slyce Insights for retailers to better understand the market place. This tools is meant to help retailers understand how consumers will see their store within the Slyce visual search industry.

Other tools for consumers include a universal scanner. This universal scanner doesn’t just take pictures of objects or their 2D counterparts. It can also capture and search for QR codes and bar codes. Slyce just got easier. They also have a tool to help consumers keep track of their coupons. It reminds them when they expire, as well.